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I offer my clients a one-stop shop of digital services for small businesses.

  From Wix Website building, according to your needs, connecting your domain, Setting up Google SEO, and also giving you remote support for your new website. Other services offered include setting up digital classes for online courses, with technical support during the initial stages. Support with choosing the right platform for your needs and building your "digital classroom".

A.R. Digital Services & Solutions has become a well-renowned Digital Service Provider.  My passion for perfection and finding solutions have made me a keen player in the field. My proven results with a growing clientele have kept me here.

Everything is geared towards showing my customers how much I care about their needs and delivering the results they want.


With more than 20 years of experience in the Industry A.R. Digital Services & Solutions provides so much more than your average Computer Service.

Web Services

√ Domain Name Registration

√ A responsive website created with Wix

√ Connecting Site to Domain

√ Optimizing for Google Search Engines

√ Goal Identification with the Client

√ Renewal and redesign current web pages

√ Online store building

Blog Updates, Webinars

√ Building and managing mailing lists

√ Building content-filled newsletters.

√ Updating Users Weekly or Monthly Blogs

√ Planning and Scheduling Webinars

√On-Line Support for Webinars

√ Monthly technical support is available

Digital Course Services

√ Planning and Building a Digital Course

√ Uploading Course Data

√ Building Digital  Online Schools 

√ Optimizing Courses for Zoom

√ Real-time support

√ Updates to course content as necessary

√ Technical Support For the End User

Technical Support

√ Remote Control  Support

√ Software Installation and Solutions

√ Virus and Malware Removal.

√ Technical Support for online platforms

√   Technical Support for online storage

√ Monthly technical support for online sites


Sivan Ofiri

Andy began to head our digital department at the onset of the Corona epidemic. The live courses were canceled, there was uncertainty about the continuation of the sessions for our customers, and it was necessary to transfer my entire business,  to digital. She took control, navigating our team through the uncharted waters of comprehensive digital integration. Andy has proven to be an invaluable pillar of our team. Her willingness to lend a hand, along with her consistent reliability, creates a sense of security among her colleagues. Andy schedules online seminars, our weekly digital classes, and solves any technical problem with record speed, as just happened to us this week with a problem with the Facebook account. Andy's work ensures a smooth and uninterrupted flow of our business, with a very humane and sensitive accompaniment, at a time when these connections have become more essential than ever. Moreover, Andy's immense technical acumen serves as a lifeline in our digital landscape. She provides necessary technical support across a range of computer-related challenges and effortlessly resolves any hiccups we may encounter.

Her expertise and efficiency ensure that our digital operations run like a well-oiled machine. Andy's contributions go above and beyond her assigned role. She is the digital glue that holds us together in these times of digital connection..

I praise Andy again and again, especially for her integrity and reliability.

Yael Shoval

I knew what I wanted in my website, but I didn’t have the time to invest in building it, nor visual design ideas on how to turn my ideas into a website that is both aesthetic and functional. 

This is where I met Andy.

She listened, understood what I wanted and implemented in a mere few days everything I wanted.

Andy has the technical skills, an eye for designs, and a superb service. Her customers matter to her and you can see it in everything she does.

Now Andy is a valuable part of my small business, from web designs, managing my site, technical support and much more. She’s a digital agency of one. 

Yarden Cohen

You know when you get stuck with a computer problem 💻 and start looking for a computer genius to help...🤯🤯 So that's why I'm here to recommend Andy Rosen to you, she's a genius at remote repair, takes control of things and knows how to solve any computer malfunction. 💻🖨️ Highly recommend, she's saved me several times already♥️♥️♥️♥️ You should keep your phone!!!☎️📞

Tamara Tilleman - Multivers-ism

Andy is an asset to any business. She has both the knowledge, punctuality, and aesthetic vision, and also the love to help people. My website, for example, required a lot of digital work, and she did it all with a good spirit and unparalleled professionalism. A warm recommendation for digital management from building the site to maintaining multiple messages and campaigns.

Eti Jacoby - Horse Energy

I wholeheartedly recommend Andy Rosen.

She built me a beautiful and professional website and helps me a lot in my business on a daily basis. She designs flyers for my workshops, organizes the course materials, and creates the PowerPoint presentations, and printed material for participants. She is attentive and understanding, and very patient. Whoever hires her definitely wins!!


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